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Natural Wines

Farm to table, how about farm to glass? All wines featured in this category are made by small independent producers, handpicked from small, organic and biodynamic vineyards. Natural wine is simply what it states NATURAL; no additives, minimum sulfites, cultured yeasts, and absolutely no chemicals used. These artisans’ wines are unique, and funky like great a sour beer, cloudy and unfiltered like your favorite New England style IPA, and since natural wines do not use chemical sprays or modifications, which are linked to headaches and hangovers, you won’t feel as guilty for pouring yourself that extra glass of wine. See something floating in the bottle, no worries it’s the natural yeast and what nature intended. All of these groovy natural methods create unique wines that are refreshing, fruit forward and juicy, so enjoy! What grows on the vine is what goes into the bottle, nothing more.

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